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Byron Nelson; Playing With His Heart and Using His Mind

Byron Nelson, who achieved one of the most remarkable records in sports history when he won 11 consecutive pro golf tournaments in 1945 was not just “lucky,” as some might say, he was well versed in the mental spirit of the game.

Etiquette Story

Etiquette has always been a big part of our culture. We pride ourselves on being polite and acting proper in certain situations. Proper etiquette always gets noticed and more importantly improper behavior really gets noticed. For instance...

The British Open Championships

It was the seventeenth day of October, in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty that eight golfers showed up at the Prestwick Golf Club and played the 12-hole golf course three times in one day to decide the first British Open Championship.

No Boundaries!

LUCK happened that night in April when I stood and watched the publisher of Golf Fitness Magazine being interviewed for a golf/talk radio program in Orlando, FL.  FORTUNE, however, happened as I sat with Ken Peck, double amputee and Marketing Director for the National Amputee Golf Association and learned about his passion—golf.

From The Bottom Of The Cup

That sound you hear is not that of pit row on the NASCAR circuit, but the violent pummeling of calculator keys trying to figure out who qualifies for the PGA’s brand new FEDEX CUP championship.  That’s right, the PGA tour is about to enter a new era.  Instead of playing out the regular tour schedule as we all have grown accustomed to, the tour is redefining the season, adding a playoff, and a new way to crown its champion.

Player Profile - Laura Baugh

Laura Baugh.  During her professional golfing career from 1973 through 1997, Baugh earned 66 Top 10 finishes, including ten runner-ups.  However, if asked what her greatest claim to fame might be, I would bet money that  this energetic mother of seven, would smile and reply “motherhood!”  However, seven children have not kept her from continuing to do what she loves-golfing, working out and helping others.
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