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The Mystery of Hypnosis Revealed

Will you make me cluck like a chicken? Will I remember what happened? Do you have control over me? These are just some of the common questions pondered by many when entertaining the possibility of participating in hypnosis. However..

Creating a YES Mindset!

What makes a good junior player?  Is it the talent in which he or she swings the club?  Is it based on their past successes in junior competitions?  Or could it be that great junior players create an attitude for success that allows them to believe in themselves right from the first tee?  Perhaps these young golfers know something that you haven't realized yet!

Using Your Mind to Putt Great!

We all know the famous cliché that states: “You drive for show and putt for dough”.  But the truth of the matter is this: great players know that if they make putts, they will be in the hunt to play their best round and to win championships.  If they putt poorly or have an average day on the greens, then their chances for success are greatly diminished.
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